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In the days after the Heartbleed story broke, Internet users were strongly advised to change the compromised passwords on their online accounts to protect their data.

For anyone who’s been a web user for a significant amount of time, the number of such accounts is high, unmanageable even: email (personal and work), LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, bank accounts, G+, Apple ID, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, news sites, Yahoo!… Hotmail? AIM? ICQ? Myspace? mIRC? The innovation economy’s proliferation of apps, services and devices has complicated our lives, rather than make them simpler, the way technology should.



This is no the easy job for everyone to remember all the passwords and keep them everytime with him. But we have a solution for this.


The solution is Keep-Safe. This mobile application is designed to keep your passwords everytime with you and it is 100% secure. It has been considered while designing this application that the data should be with user only. All the data will be saved in the phone of user only. No data is shared with anyone. Hence it is fully secured and reliable.