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Never Forget Anything

Ever Again

Remind Your Customers

Just as simple as 1,2,3….

We all forget things from time-to-time. So, Reminder is here to help you remind yourself and others about important things such as work tasks, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, annual renewals, things to-do and more…

Add any kind of reminder you need such as a birthday reminder, task reminder or an appointment reminder to come exactly when and where you need it – sent on email or to a mobile phone as a text message or phone call.

You can plan ahead with a reminder calendar and day planners.


On the Day

A day before

Two days Before

…when u want

Reminder for everyone


Hair stylist, Barbers, Makeup Artists, Nail Technicians,  Tattoo Artists, Saloons, Spa Technicians, etc

Health Care

Massage Centers, Spa and Saloons, Physiotherapist, Dentists, Doctors, Nutritionist,  Vets, etc

Sports & Fitness

Gym, Fitness Trainers, Sports Trainers, Dance Academies, Aerobic Instructors, Yoga Instructors, etc

Service and Traders

Water Purifiers, Pollution Checking Centers, Insurance Companies, Vehicle Services, Counselors, Photographers, etc